i-D Magazine's Online Spring 2014 Issue Goes Beyond the Void

 - May 12, 2014
References: i-d.vice & wearesodroee
Models Ine Neefs and Dylan Foskett launch themselves 'Into the Void' for i-D Magazine's Online Spring 2014 issue. Both girls look into Maurizio Bavutti's lens with startlingly vacant stares. Indeed, it looks as though they're staring right through your soul from the confines of the page.

Fashion Editor Jack Borkett wasn't afraid to get experimental with the editorial, styling Neefs and Foskett in latex and feathered materials. The most notable outfit was a pair of knee-high white boots coupled with a fire-engine red latex skirt. You would think these exciting fashion choices would perk the girls up, but it seems they're too far gone. You know it's bad when couture can't snap a girl out of her blank-faced reverie.

Hair stylist Kei Terada and makeup artist Lydnsey Alexander finished the look off with unkept hair and ghostly makeup.