IconQ Q5.5 Allows for Flexible Communication When Other Countries

 - Apr 4, 2015
References: geticonq & psfk
Travel has never been easier and that's thanks in large part to technology. Yet the IconQ Q5.5 shows how companies will have to rethink current systems in order to appeal to the contemporary and future consumer. The IconQ Q5.5 is a travel-specific smartphone that allows people to stay connected with other more conveniently and affordably. Although Wifi is slowly being installed throughout the world, the IconQ Q5.5 shows that there's still room for more.

Coming unlocked straight out of the box, the IconQ Q5.5 works with a pay-as-you-go or international sim card through its duel sim card slot. Psfk writes, "Catering to the ‘roadie,’ the device includes enough storage for new images or live-streaming video content as an Android."