'I Agree' Shows the Length of Terms of Service Agreements Online

 - May 7, 2018
References: vizknowledge.aalto.fi & boingboing.net
As a result of Facebook's recent scandal regarding the illicit loss of consumer data, online privacy has become a hot-button issue, and 'I Agree' is an art installation that criticizes the degree to which online service providers have access to their users' data. The installation, which was created by designer Dima Yarovinsky for 'Visualizing Knowledge 2018', features several long scrolls of paper that simply read out the terms of service for a handful of the most popular online companies.

It's no secret that most people don't read the terms of service for their digital lives, clicking agree and forgetting about it after that point. However, there's a lot that users are implicitly agreeing to by checking those boxes, and 'I Agree' shows the sheer length of those agreements.

Image Credit: Dima Yarovinsky