Hyungkoo Lee's Photographs of Distorted Faces are Incredibly Creepy

 - Mar 17, 2014
References: hyungkoolee.kr & hifructose
Korean artist Hyungkoo Lee has a thing for facial distortion; one previous photography series depicted him with an altered facial anatomy.

Lee now decided to take his macabre visions forward by conceiving a strange helmet-like object which can be manipulated to emphasize or minimize different facial features. The helmets are embedded with lenses of different shapes and thicknesses that make the wearer's face heinously distorted. Lee got some subjects to wear these helmets and took photographs of them.

The resulting photographs are either creepily cartoonish or atrociously aggressive -- either way, it's strangely difficult to take your eyes off them. This seems to be the intention of Hyungkoo Lee's work -- to highlight the important role of physical appearance in modern social life.