The Hyper Filter Skyscraper Draws in All Polluted Air

 - Apr 9, 2014
References: & yankodesign
The Hyper Filter Skyscraper is looking to eliminate the threat of polluted air. The building inhales polluted air while exhaling fresh oxygen, very much like photosynthesis. Unlike plants though, the hyper filter skyscraper cleans the air while providing usable chemicals for other industries.

The building looks like a cotton swab that is made up of long tube filters. These filters suck up pollution -- like carbon dioxide -- in the city that it is built in and cleans it. The clean air is then passed right back out through the pipes allowing for constant fresh air.

Whatever harmful substances are still left over are stored rather than destroyed. These chemicals are then sent off to the chemical industry for use in other projects. Taking care of the environment is a joint effort but the Hyper Filter skyscraper can definitely help.