Gemstone Organic's 'Gem Juice Hydrosols' Promote Intentional Living

 - Dec 10, 2016
References: gemstoneorganic
Gemstone Organic's 'Gem Juice Hydrosols' are beauty waters that can be used as astringents and toners, boasting powerful healing properties from a process of steam distillation.

In addition to using vibrant botanicals like lavender, clary sage and rose otto, Gemstone Organics adds a few color-coded gemstone chips to each face mist to "increase the healing potential for your skin." As the brand describes, these crystals are energetically cleansed and can be programmed with intentions.

Naturally, the ingredients in each product are ideal for different purposes. While the Organic Lavender Gem Juice Hydrosol is perfect for calming the nervous system, quelling stress and reducing anxiety, the Organic Rose Otto Gem Juice Hydrosol with amethyst and sunstone is better used for emotional and spiritual healing.