The Crew Collective & Cafe Embodies Forward Design and Architecture

The Crew Collective & Cafe is an innovative hybrid cafe that offers up spaces for work and collaboration. Frist, the architectural aspect is striking. The building is situated in the heart of old Montreal and was previously the original headquarters of the Royal Bank of Canada. The architecture is rich and robust, boasting decisively Gothic motifs and dome-shaped beautifully patterned ceilings. The historic structure dates back to 1928 and the hybrid cafe-workspace occupies part of the first floor.

The Crew Collective & Cafe commissions local artistic director and graphic designer Vanessa Pepin to come up with a feasible brand identity that will complement and not overwhelm the majesty of the architecture of the hybrid cafe-workspace. The creative focuses on a minimalist expression, pattern repetition and skinny typography that naturally ties in well with the bold structural marvel.