'Porn For Women' Pokes Fun at Womanly Fantasies

 - Nov 12, 2010
References: wannasnuggle
The Cambridge Women’s Pornography Collective or CWPC, has created a series of books to redefine pornography and create images that woman would find rather arousing, in a humorous way of course. Books in their series also include: ‘Porn for the Bride,’ ‘Porn for New Moms,’ and ‘Porn for Women of a Certain Age.'

It’s the year 2010, and in today’s world the role of wife has made some progress from just staying home and cooking and cleaning. Many couples share responsibilities equally, however that’s not always the case, and what if the roles were reversed? That is what 'Porn for Women' explores.

Even from a male’s perspective it’s a hilarious read and I can say if you ladies think this could one day be an accepted reality, well, who knows what the future has in store.