The Human Harp by Di Mainstone Merges Art and Architecture

 - Aug 25, 2013
References: dimainstone & dvice
Architecture and art go hand-in-hand, but architecture and performance art may be something of a stretch, that is until the Human Harp was born. The Human Harp is an incredible musical instrument that works in tangent with suspension bridges. Say what? Made up of small, arduino-based string-feeding discs, they attach to a bridge's cables to make sounds based on tension and angle when pulled. According to Dvice, "Each disc is also capable of being programmed to emit its own unique array of tones."

Created by Di Mainstone with collaborative team of researches, engineers and artists, the Human Harp was recently performed on New York's iconic Brooklyn Bridge. Although still in development, it is absolutely impressive. This is especially the case since the human harp will involve the kinetic energy of audiences.