The Human Cheese Proves That Human Bacteria can be Used for Flavoring

 - Nov 26, 2013
References: dezeen & theworldsbestever
American scientist Christina Agapakis and Norwegian scent expert Sissel Tolaas teamed up and together gave life to the idea of using human bacteria in dairy products. Hand in hand, they collected bacteria from various parts of the human body such as the nose, belly button, inside of the mouth and even tears to construct a set of cheeses they like to call 'Selfmade.'

To their knowledge, "everybody has a unique and diverse set of bacteria living on their skin that can be amplified and grown directly in milk to form and flavor cheese," according to the site. There are 11 cheeses in the Selfmade set and each finely crafted from the human bacteria of either a scientist, artist or anthropologist. Each cheese is said to taste and smell like the body odor of the donor. Yummy! Selfmade aims to prove just how living organisms that exist in the body also exist in dairy products and even other foods.

This peculiar project sure could have gotten Hannibal Lecture out of all his nasty messes.