This Huge Set of Jaws by Vito Bertucci Reconstructs an Ancient Beast

 - Mar 16, 2011
References: sharkdivers.blogspot & bornrich
The mighty megalodon once ruled the ocean as the world's largest predacious shark of all time, and this huge set of jaws by Vito Bertucci is the closest anyone has ever come to recreating their fearsome mouth.

Featuring 182 completely authentic megalodon teeth that were painstakingly collected by the late Vito over the span of 16 years along the coastal plains of the Mid-Atlantic states and a scientifically accurate resin mouth structure scaled up from the mouth of a Great White, this huge set of jaws by Vito Bertucci is the largest of its kind, standing proudly at a staggering 11 feet across and 8¾ feet high.

The massive jaws are set to be auctioned in June at the Heritage Auction Galleries in Dallas, Texas for a cool price of $625,000. Who might have the room to actually accommodate this massive creation in their home, however, is a whole other story.