The Hug Light Alleviates Discomfort During That Time of the Month

 - Jun 14, 2012
References: yankodesign
Many people are quite happy to pass up the option of pills when a less invasive alternative is available. The Hug Light replaces a number of commonly used medications to treat abdominal discomfort, reduce stress and more, all using temperature and luminescence.

Kwak Jinsub and Park Jinmi have given their invention a soft egg shape about the size of one's head. It has been hollowed out on three sides for an easily graspable form and a soft white glow escapes from these oval openings to work its magic.

The Hug Light is cordless and can be charged on its circular dock. A simple twist of its rounded base activates its remedial radiance so that it can improve your mood and a woman's menstrual aches and pains with a gentle embrace to the lower belly.