The Philips 'Friends of Hue' Lighting System is Fully Customizable

 - Oct 7, 2013
References: crnchy
For those that enjoy mood lighting in their homes, but would like the ability to customize and adjust the actual hue according to weather, furniture, mood, location or similiar -- consider the Philips 'Friends of Hue' Lighting System.

This lighting system is fully customizable to the specific hue or series of hues you desire to be set in a room. The actual device is called a LightStrip, which is set to any area of the room and adjusted accordingly. While this is possible with other lighting fixtures, it is difficult because of the need to physically change fixtures, bulbs and filters. With this system, all of these hassles are eliminated.

Philips claims there are 16 million colors and 120 brightness settings that can be customized with the system.