'How to Suck at Facebook' is a Hilariously Spot-On Spoof

 - Mar 13, 2011
References: theoatmeal
The folks at TheOatmeal.com are no strangers to hilarious pop culture parodies and satire, but even they have outdone themselves with this hilariously acerbic and spot-on send-up of Facebook's most familiar (and most annoying) archetypes called 'How to Suck at Facebook.'

Featuring some truly classic social media personalities that even the most casual of Facebook users will immediately recognize, 'How to Suck at Facebook' matches its social critique with a sharp wit and some very chuckle-worthy images.

So if you've ever been the victim of a 'Horrible Photo Tagger' or have nearly lost your mind having to sift through thousands of event invitations from the same person, definitely do your sanity a favour and check out 'How to Suck at Facebook'. Laughter might very well be the only way to keep the tears of frustration away.