The ‘How do Colors Affect Purchases’ Infograph Gives New Look

Whether you realize it or not, color is a huge driving factor behind many purchases in your life, leading to the creation of the 'How do Colors Affect Purchases' infograph. This is regardless of being a thrifty shopper, a traditional shopper, or a shopper with a little splurge impulse every now and then. The How do Colors Affect Purchases infograph gives you the information you need to know about not only your own shopping habits, but what is actually being targeted directly at you.

Color is a huge influencer. Hospitals sport green or blue scrubs on their doctors because they are the most calming of the color spectrum. It’s no different when it comes to your spending choices; you use a similar approach of purpose. So think about the colors you see around your home, in your wardrobe or in your car because you probably bought them for a reason; that reason is color.