This Futuristic Housing Concept Allows For Addition Of New Units

 - Aug 23, 2016
References: mattlucraft & dezeen
A student working out of the prestigious Bartlett School of Architecture in London has come up with a truly revolutionary housing concept that is designed to get around the growing problem of a dearth of affordable dwellings in the city. His Dagenham Breach Housing Co-operative concept makes use of a modular setup that allows for new homes to be built and added to the structure.

Whereas most housing concepts are stand-alone ideas that aren't particularly given to change, the Dagenham Breach Housing Co-operative is exactly the opposite in that it is designed to be dynamic, with users able to add to their existing dwelling and developers able to add a multitude of different kinds of living spaces on the existing master structure.

This housing concept is noteworthy because it bins traditional ideas of architecture, recognizing that prefabrication and modular designs are the only way to deal with the housing crisis engulfing the world's mega-cities.