House Patrocinio by Rebelo De Andrade is an Architectural Chia Pet

 - Jan 17, 2013
References: rebelodeandrade & design-milk
Vertical gardens may be old news now, but the House Patrocinio takes them to a whole new level worthy of being noted. Densely packed plants scale the walls of this rectangular home, giving it more of a Chia Pet look that some of its predecessors lacked. Covered on all four sides, except for where there are windows and entrances, the House Patrocinio is a veritable forest in the middle of the city.

Designed by Rebelo de Andrade, the House Patrocinio is home to about 25 different Iberian and Mediterranean varieties of plants for a total of approximately 4,500. Full of lush texture, fresh scents and vibrant colors, the House Patrocinio is located in Lisbon, Portugal.

Boasting three storeys and a rooftop lap pool, the House Patrocinio is a sight to behold.