The House in Las Arenas by Javier Artadi is Unconventional

 - May 28, 2012
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The House in Las Arenas by Javier Artadi is unconventional. This phenomenal structure sits on a beach in Las Arenas, which is south of Lima, Peru. This house has a selective open concept, and its contemporary look is completely symmetrical. The architect has designed this box-like structure as an expanded beach house where on the terrace sits a pool, and the dining room and living room are interconnected. This structure appears lightweight by being lifted above the garden, and is surrounded by luscious grasses.

Javier Artadi's architectual designs are known worldwide, and he has received numerous awards and distinctions for his creative work. Javier manages to combine modern archnitecture with his distinct style that results in breathtaking structures. Making a stop to see one of Javier's designs is necessary the next time you are in Peru!