The Yuku Pao Citrus Hot Chili Sauce Offsets Heat with Fruit Flavor

 - May 18, 2016
References: qualifirst
When it comes to hot sauce there's usually not a whole lot of variance, but the Yuku Pao Citrus Hot Chili Sauce looks to change this with an unexpected flavor profile.

Utilizing citrus as a way to heighten the flavor and offset the heat, the sauce is an ideal choice for mixing into recipes. The multifaceted nature of the spicy sauce makes it suitable for traditional Asian dishes, but can also be transferred to other cuisines like Mexican.

The Yuku Pao Citrus Hot Chili Sauce comes in a convenient squeeze bottle and is a popular variety that can be found in Korea and Japan. The incorporation of natural flavors helps to make traditional spices from specific territories more applicable to those with different palates from other countries and regions.