The Hot Chair Was Designed for Sitting Near and Not Sitting On

 - Oct 2, 2013
It would be best not to make the mistake of sitting down on the Hot Chair, especially when the piece is active. It might look convincingly like a modern seating object, but it actually functions as a fireplace.

Paolo Gentile dreamed up this project for Officine Del Fuoco, an Italian company that sells unique bio fireplaces. With them, you can find a range of creative items, but this one really stands out. It's been made from metal and finished in a bright heat-resistant coating of either red, black, orange or white. The bold color further emphasizes its sharp bends and its overall abstract and sculptural shape.

Where one might expect to find a cozy cushion, you'll instead see a silver plate where the flame emerges. The Hot Chair's 1-Liter tank can burn autonomously for three hours, and otherwise sit misleadingly in the corner of the room.