The Hosiery by Emilio Cavallini is Rather Slimming

The hosiery by Emilio Cavallini is made for both sexes, but is attracting a lot of attention because it’s not often that one sees a man wearing tights. These aren’t your grandma’s pantyhose though because these tights are decked out in all sorts of wild designs.

To get that Wicked Witch of East look, a man might try slipping into some striped leggings and hopping on a broomstick. The "guylons" also come as a checkered pattern, skull-covered or decked out with stars. 

Making tights for men is actually a throwback trend if one dates it all the way back to Shakespearean times; however, it may be coming back and it won’t be long before the streets are combed in young men sporting some of the hosiery by Emilio Cavallini.