This Equestrian Device Tracks Both Riding Sessions and the Horse's Health

 - Nov 5, 2015
References: kickstarter & gizmag
The 'Balios' sensor is a special horse training accessory that is able to monitor and track the performance and health of your mount.

French startup company 'Equisense' developed this technology specifically for competitive riders and horse trainers to better understand both their horses and also their own riding stats. The way 'Bailos' works is it attaches to the girth of a horse's saddle and during training sessions, records data relating to the animal's gait, symmetry, speed, jump trajectory and stride length. The data is sent directly to the user's smartphone and packaged into custom training reports.

Using this horse training data can also be beneficial to the horse's health. Alerts can be set relating to a horse's fatigue or the possibility of injury, and the custom performance reports can also be analyzed by veterinarians as well.