The Hooke 'Verse' Headphones Record Binaural Audio for VR Footage

 - Dec 21, 2017
References: & gadgetsin
The Hooke 'Verse' headphones come as an effective piece of equipment for VR content producers to utilize when they are on location filming an experience to ensure that the audio matches up with the content being recorded.

The headphones incorporate binaural microphones that will capture audio in a 3D format that will come in hand for dedicated VR cameras or traditional DSLR cameras or even GoPros. Users can utilize the accompanying app to add sound filters, edit the final product and export it along with your visual content.

As VR becomes more commonplace and prosumers use it as a way to share their favorite experiences, we'll likely continue to see more products like the Hooke 'Verse' headphones to seamlessly help with the creation process.