The Hook Sponge Encourages a Truly Tidy Kitchen

 - Sep 19, 2011
References: raudroue & tuvie
It's a little silly that the item used to wash the dishes is also likely responsible for making your countertop look messy. The Hook Sponge, however, presents an opportunity for clearing your sink of that soiled absorbent implement by incorporating a clever notch.

The very simple adjustment to the shape of the kitchen accessory means that it can be easily fastened around the arm of the faucet or the end of a cloth rack. Removing it from its usual puddle on the basin's edge allows it to dry much quicker. This hopefully means that it won't smell quite as much either.

Designer Robert Audroue suggests using the same mold for cutting a range of Hook Sponges from other types of loofahs. It's a remarkably elementary idea that could significantly improve the cleanliness of the culinary environment.