HooK Bicycle Stand Both Blends in and Bursts Forth from the Urban Backdrop

 - Feb 22, 2014
References: notedesignstudio.se
The HooK Bicycle Stand is most noticeable to people who are looking for it. Certain types of bicycle racks can become eyesores within the urban landscape, creating visual and physical interruptions on sidewalks and in plazas. What's interesting about this proposal by Note Design Studio is that the objects do a brilliant job of blending in with the cityscape.

A stiff metal band is anchored into the pavement or the earth, rising up only as high as a two-wheeler's tire goes before it's curved to take the form of a staff. The dimensions of the material are of great importance, both for aesthetics and utility: the HooK Bicycle Stand seems barely there when viewed in profile, yet another perspective assures you of its sufficient thickness and stability. It features several colors and a pair of holes for the specific and strategic placement of a bike lock.