The Hong Yi Adele Painting is Made Out of Candles and Fire

 - Aug 27, 2012
References: ohiseered & mymodernmet
The Hong Yi Adele painting is a beautiful homage to the talented British singer. The artist is working on a special project that involves the four elements: fire, water, wind and earth. Yi was inspired by the song Set Fire to the Rain, which prompted her to use candles and fire as a way to create the piece.

The artist states on his site, "To me, Adele was probably singing about the pain of a lost relationship. Rain may be a metaphor for her tears she cried, and she is setting fire to it to burn and destroy her pain." Music and art alike have ways of forming connections with people that resonates on a deep and emotional level.

Hong Yi is constantly conjuring up creative masterpieces. Her ability to think outside the box has allowed her to garner a strong fan base.