Cruise Around the Winter Wonderland of Russia in Handcrafted Style

 - Apr 15, 2010
References: englishrussia & dvice
If I began to tell you about a homemade Russian snowmobile, you might think I was on the verge of telling a bad Yakov Smirnoff joke. I assure you, this is no laughing matter. This is a matter of inventive genius.

Why buy a high-priced snowmobile when you can just build your own? That's exactly what one retiree in Kirov, Russia, thought and the result looks odd but gets the job done. This snowmobile is made of random scrap parts and powered by an old Yamaha motorcycle engine. A giant wheel is used as the drive terrain for this homemade Russian snowmobile. Necessity is the father of invention, and snow is the father of snowmobiles.