The Homeless Child Experiment by Fousey TUBE Explores Human Reaction

 - Mar 14, 2014
References: youtube & viralviralvideos
If you saw a homeless child on the street, would you stop to help? This is the question YouTube channel user Fousey Tube asked himself before shooting the video titled 'The Homeless Child Experiment.' He wanted to see just how many people would stop and recognize a young kid in need.

The results were not good. Few people stopped, and most kept walking as if the child did not exist. By the end of the experiment, both participants were nearly in tears due to these reactions. Imagine how children who live this every day must feel.

As North Americans, we are extremely privileged and not exposed to the types of poverty which exist in second and third world countries. Fousey Tube hopes to raise awareness on this topic with The Homeless Child Experiment.