This Silly Home Decorating Guide is for a Hipsterific Subset of Humanity

 - Apr 20, 2015
References: forrent & designtaxi
This home decorating guide offers helpful hints on how to achieve a hipster themed look. Created by apartment living blog and website, 'The Lumbersexual's Guide to Decorating' not only defines the lumbersexual personality, but also goes into ways you can decorate like one.

Despite his rugged appearance, the lumbersexual "lives in the city, drinks $7 cold-brewed coffee and eats artisanal sausages." To reflect the paradox of modern living and outdoorsy esthetic, the home decorating guide makes suggestions for the kitchen, living room, bathroom, bedroom and parking spot. The cheeky recommendations include a flea market kitchen table that looks like it was made from a tree you chopped down, a plaid flannel sofa, a fake bear skin rug, stocking leave-in beard conditioner, a hybrid car and a fixed gear bike.