The Home Cooking Steamer Shows Signs of Warmth When Your Water is Boiling

 - Jan 30, 2013
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Most people recognize that the quickest way to bring water to a boil is to leave the top on your saucepan. The trouble is, you may not realize that this phase is complete because the lid seals in the rising water vapor and muffles the noise of the bubbling liquid.

The Home Cooking Steamer is a reasonably stiff silicone pad that spreads over the entire opening of pots measuring fewer than 8 inches in diameter. It's a clever topper that keeps the heat and H2O in, providing just a small single hole in the center.

The Gamago product has been modeled so that a miniature house surrounds this tiny opening. When steam escapes from the Home Cooking Steamer, it resembles smoke spewing out from the cabin's little chimney.