Hollywood Embraces Web 2.0

 - Aug 6, 2006
References: imdb & snakesonaplane.varitalk
Snakes on a Plane - you cant fail to have seen or heard some of the hype - thousands of websites, blogs, homemade trailers, posters and songs dedicated to the movie â€" and it's yet to be released. Such online hype hasn't been seen since Blair Witch project â€" but even then, buzz was created by those who had actually seen it. It seems Hollywood has fully embraced web 2.0 technology â€" so much so that the movie's producers re-shot a number of scenes â€" 6 months after filming finished - to give the film a harder edge, producing scenes that would give it adult ratings to bring it inline with expectations. They even included a line that fans had made up in a fake preview that ran on Youtube. The latest marketing ploy is an official viral campaign that has just launched - it enables fans to send a semi personalised message to their mates in the voice of Samuel L Jackson inviting them to go to a screening. A pretty interesting case study:despite the ridiculous name:I only hope it lives up to the hype:.