These Bridges are Supported by a Pair of Hollow Pyramids

 - Jan 29, 2016
References: & dezeen
Icelandic design studio Teiknistofan Tröð recently constructed a pair of pedestrian bridges that are supported by two hollow pyramids. While Iceland is known for its natural beauty, these bridges add a touch of man-made architecture to the snowy landscape.

The two pedestrian bridges span the river Elliðaár in the Icelandic capital of Reykjavík. Because the river is split in two, the studio needed to create two idential bridges. At each crossing there is a pedestrian bridge supported by a pair of hollow pyramids. The pyramids are made from steel columns that have been painted bright red to stand out against the snowy landscape. Steel tension rods then extend down from the columns to support the bridge beneath.

Although the design is simple, the bold shape makes the bridges stand out in the desolate environment.