The Holiday Sweater Infographic Tells What Your Jumper Means

 - Dec 21, 2012
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The ugly Christmas jumper you choose to wear to your holiday themed party says a lot about you, and the Holiday sweater infographic can explain what it all means.

Normally when someone hears of an ugly sweater Christmas party, their first thought is to head over to a second-hand store and search through the racks. Naturally, this tell-all sweater graphic was made by Goodwill. On it there is the Do-It-Yourself pullover, which is normally the one guaranteed to win best dressed at the party. This person would rather create something themselves and they are a big fan of the upcycle phenomenon. Then, of course, there's the Bah Humbug jumper. This is the person who only came to the party because they had to and left their outfit until the last minute.

Find out which category you fall into by viewing the Holiday Sweater Infographic.