The Hobbit Hole Trailer by Redditor Samm1t Looks Utterly Cozy

 - Aug 2, 2013
References: imgur & neatorama
The filming of 'The Hobbit' trilogy may have wrapped up but that doesn't mean the anticipation over the films has died down as the Hobbit Hole Trailer shows. Redditor Samm1t is clearly a huge fan of the fantasy franchise. He has modelled his sleeping trailer after the traditional homes of the hobbits. Although the Hobbit Hole Trailer is clearly not embedded in the side of the hill, the natural landscape has been simulated with the use of what appears to be artificial golf turf.

Taking just about two months to create, the Hobbit Hole Trailer provides a cozy place to rest while on the road. The floor of the trailer is covered by a mattress while a skylight lets in some natural lighting.