Histrionic Wayfarer by Tim Storrier Wins Top Prize

Histrionic Wayfarer by Tim Storrier is a painting so intriguing with no face or person behind it. This painting of an invisible person carrying an array of items is both interesting and deceiving at the same time. Artist Tim Storrier took home the Archibald Prize, the top art award in Australia, for this self-portrait on an invisible man.

Storrier's Histrionic Wayfarer is inspired by a Hieronymus Bosch Painting in 1519 titled 'The Wayfarer' where many concluded that the original portrait was about a choice between good and bad. "I’ve always just enjoyed the dialogue in the picture, because it’s about a decision" says Storrier.

The painting shows a faceless figure with a bunch of odd items such as brushes, sunglasses, a pith helmet, a bag and a dog on his back. The Histrionic Wayfarer by Tim Storrier will leave you making your own decisions between vice and virtue.