'Hipsters (are Roaming the Campus)' Highlights NYU's Resident Coolsters

 - Jul 28, 2011
References: laughingsquid
I think I will consider myself fortunate that my orientation to my new college didn't include a screening of 'Hipsters (are roaming the campus).' Hipsters (are roaming the campus) is a video created by Paul Briganti for NYU's student orientation. The reality show was designed to familiarize students with the school's health services.

Unfortunately for Briganti, his video did not make the cut, perhaps because it offered no reasoning at all as to why hipsters are bad for your health or how they can help direct you to the school's wellness exchange. The fact that it was made for a new student orientation program gives it some major bonus points as does the wolf sweater solo at the end. If you plan to attend NYU anytime soon or if you just want to laugh at hipsters, then I definitely recommend you check out this Hipsters (are roaming the campus) video.