Hiku by Rob Katcher Makes Sure Nothing is Forgotten at the Supermarket

 - Oct 2, 2012
References: kickstarter & fastcodesign
It is not all that uncommon for people to return home from the grocery store only to realize that they forgot something; Hiku by Rob Katcher hopes to change that. Although there are already a slew of apps with the sole purpose of avoiding such annoying situations, the idea of opening it up and typing out a list can be just as frustrating.

Hiku by Rob Katcher offers a much more streamlined and intuitive system of keeping track of groceries. A small handheld device, a person simply needs to scan the barcode of a product or speak its name and it will be stored on a cloud-based shopping list that can be accessed anywhere, anytime. It was created in collaboration with Manu Chatterjee.