The Digital Thermometer Pan

 - Nov 6, 2008
References: thinkgeek & gadgettastic
With the global economic recession upon us, people around the world are heading back to the kitchen. Instead of dining out, some people will be saving their moolah while enjoying the goodness of homecooked meals.

Lucky for them, there are a bunch of fun, high tech culinary gadgets on the market, such as the Digital Thermometer Pan. Instead of peeling and prodding at your pancake mid-sizzle, this pan lets you know when your griddle hits the optimum temperature for buttermilk perfection. It has a few temperatures pre-coded into the display handle, so you just need to select your food type and flick on the element. If you're compulsive about meal prep, then recording the times you use on new recipes can help you reconcoct a killer dish.

I've always loved cooking, but all the fun new kitchen gadgets make the thought of future chefing even more appealing!