High Performance Electric-Human Hybrid Bicycle

 - Jun 1, 2006
References: optibike & gizmag
Electric bikes and scooters hold much promise in the future transport equation, particularly for short distance commuting, but one of the limiting factors is their rather sedate speeds and limited range. The Optibike is designed to overcome these obvious deficiencies with a range of 25 to 30 miles (40 to 48 km) and very clever microprocessor-controlled electronics and Shimano XT 7 speed Derailleur gears which enable the motor to be assisted by the rider at all speeds. This means the Optibike will run at 20 mph (32 km/h) on the battery alone, cruise at 25 mph (40km/h) with gentle pedalling and with some aggressive pedal assistance, run with the traffic at 35+ mph (60 km/h). For those who are prepared to settle for a shorter battery life of 30 minutes, the Optibike can have its top speed increased to 46 mph (75 km/h).

From Obtibike:
The Optibike 400 was designed to satisfy the needs of American riders. It combines speed, long run times and exceptional hill climbing ability in an integrated package with style.

Speed is achieved with Derivative Power Control (DPC)TM (patent pending) which allows for incredible acceleration while still providing long run times. When accelerating or shifting the DPC allows large bursts of power. Fuzzy logic in the Optibike computer continually adjusts the power to provide for maximum distance.

The complete integration of the Optibike 400 is superior to all other electric bikes. Designed from the ground up for high performance, safety, and ease of operation, the Optibike is faster and runs longer than any other bike. Front and rear long travel suspension with disc brakes gives the rider confidence. The fully integrated package gives the utmost in convenience allowing the rider to ride on road, off road and the up or down the steepest hills. Optibike is in a class of its own.

Proprietary, microprocessor-controlled electronics combine the motor controller, battery charger and rider interface in an integrated package, offering faster charging and acceleration in a smaller package than other electric bikes. The Monocoque frame has sleek styling and a low center of gravity for stable handling. All electronics and long-running NiMH battery are safely housed inside the frame.