Safer, More Efficient Than CFLs

 - Apr 11, 2008
References: deltaww
A major effort is being made by various groups worldwide to replace traditional incandescent lighting with more efficient compact fluorescent lights, or CFLs. However, some serious concerns exist regarding the safety of the extensive use of CFLs in the home as well as with respect to environmentally sound methods of disposal when they wear out since CFLs contain highly toxic mercury. One of the more promising alternatives to both incandescents and CFLs is the use of high brightness LEDs. Significant advances in both color control and brightness over the last few years has made this alternative type of lighting possible.

Delta Electronics has recently announced that they have developed a high brightness LED lamp that is fully compatible with existing incandescent light sockets, and is more efficient than even CFLs in converting electricity to light. As a bonus, they offer more natural looking light, contain no lead or mercury, and, according to Delta, "Lamp life is greater than 35000hrs, which is six times longer than CFLs and 20 times longer than incandescent lamps." Sounds like a winner to me!