Hermes Elevates the Petanque Set to a Luxurious Level

 - Jul 8, 2013
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Sports equipment is not known for being glamorous, however, Hermes has taken the Trioupointe Petanque set to a whole new chic level. Petanque is a sport that is similar to bocce ball with respect to throwing your piece (a ball) and trying to get it as close as you can to a mark called cochonnet. This sport is particularly popular in Europe, and Hermes saw an opportunity to elevate the standard equipment, and bring it into the world of luxury.

Hermes, a company that has always been know for its exquisite quality and taste, has made the standard petanque into a piece that one would gladly carry into a tournament. The stand, the part that supports the balls, is made out of a rich cowhide and since the case is not closed off, the equipment is put on display. Luckily enough the balls in the set are made out of carbon steel and is the perfect contrast to the leather exterior. This set is not only beautifully made, but the perfectly designed sports equipment is tailored to help you win the game.