The Herbow is a Window Covering and Planter in One

 - Nov 19, 2012
References: & yankodesign
The Herbow updates the traditional window planter for something that is even more practical. Just like the planter, the Herbow resides outdoors. Unlike the planter, the Herbow isn't statically attached to the base of the window in a common long container. Instead, the Herbow takes on the shape of an awning.

Designed by Hsu Hao-Po, Chang Yu-Hui & Chang Chung-Wei, the Herbow is shaped like an awning to double as a sunshade and rain protector for those who may be trying to find refuge beneath. Entirely adjustable, the Herbow can also be raised or lowered depending on how much sun is wanted in the home as well. Not to mention that the wide surface of the Herbow better distributes the herbs while also allowing more to be planted.