The Helinox Cot One is a Great for the Home and Outdoor Activities

 - Sep 12, 2014
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Although the Helinox Cot One is clearly made with camping and other outdoor activities in mind, it come in mighty handy in the home for unexpected guests and more. Not only is it super easy to assemble, it is extremely compact when not in use, making particularly perfect for smaller spaces. Lightweight (coming in at under five pounds) and sturdy, the Helinox Cot One is a product people will be holding onto for a long time.

What sets the Helinox Cot One apart from blow-up beds and sleeping mats is the fact that it will elevate the sleeper off of the ground. Especially great for the outdoors, this ensures people are comfortably away from rocks, moisture and nasty critters so that they can get a good night's rest.