The Helicat 22 Catamaran Speedily Soars Over Rough Waters

 - Apr 19, 2014
References: & gizmag
The Helicat 22 is a unique watercraft that looks and is designed much like a helicopter, but won't take off into the air. The helicopter-reminiscent design is no gimmick, however, but it is employed to provide a fast, stable ride over choppy waters.

The Helicat 22 has a dual-engine powertrain and comes in dual 60-hp or 90-hp engine options. The 90-hp engine allows for a top speed of 69 kilometers per hour. In rough waters, the Helicat 2 can still hit impressive speeds of 48 kilometers per hour. The craft's cab seating options can be tandem or coupled, but the boat can be designed to transport up to seven people. Optional vinyl side doors can be installed to keep occupants dry, while the boat can also be driven without side doors for an "open air feel and thrill like a motorcycle."