Hectic by YAIN Helps You Keep Track of the Hour While Grooming

In the kitchen and in front of the mirror are the places where many people spend the majority of their time while getting ready to leave the house. Since your stove and microwave usually come with built-in clocks, the Hectic Mirror equips you with a chronograph to watch while you're washing up.

Designed by YÅIN of Gothenburg, Sweden, the looking glass is centered on a perfect circle with a much smaller one protruding from part of its perimeter. The highly reflective glass fills both shapes, merging them into one irregular form. A thick border surrounds the Hectic Mirror in either black or white material. This makes it appear to pop from the wall on which it's mounted. A pair of hands and a ring of little markings within the little circle offer you the hour as you fix your hair and face.