The King Stallion Heavy Lift Helicopter Can Carry 12,000-Kilogram Loads

 - Jun 1, 2016
References: & gizmag
The CH-F3K King Stallion is an extraordinarily powerful and reliable heavy lift helicopter, developed by none other than Sikorsky, that is designed to be capable of lifting truly mind-boggling loads.

This particular heavy lift helicopter, which was recently tested at the Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation's Development Flight Center in West Palm Beach, Florida, will be capable of carrying loads up to 12,247 kilograms, which is equivalent to 27,000 pounds, within a mission radius of up to 203 km. These numbers represent a triple improvement over the carrying capacity of the CH-53E Super Stalltion.

This heavy lift helicopter will enable the US Marine Corps to easily transport massive vehicles and facilities. The ability to quickly transport massive vehicles and other kinds of loads through the air rather than transporting them through ground is truly a game-changer, and something that will enable the Marine Corps to enjoy an operational advantage.