Heavy Eco is a Line of Green Garments Designed by Prisoners

 - Jul 29, 2011
References: heavyeco & facebook
It seems that everyone is going green nowadays, even badass Eastern European criminals as seen in the Heavy Eco clothing line -- I bet you didn't see that coming.

Heavy Eco is apparantely taking dead advertising billboards and giving them to prisoners who then apply their dark creativity to design bags. According to Heavy Eco, they also give 50% of their profits to charity, so you know you will do good anyway. They also make organic tshirt with old-school russian prison tattoos that look über-cool.

Heavy Eco takes gritty realism from the shadowed margins of society and forces the wearer to engage with the hidden, forgotten (ignored) taboo that is reality. Unfeigned, unfettered and unabashed, this is a truly unique collection.

It might be made by tough Russian criminals, but wearing these doesn't makes you a tough badass, so don't quit your day job yet.