Outwarmer Combines Contemporary Fit and Traditional Chinese Elements

 - Jan 31, 2018
References: indiegogo & digitaltrends
For countries that are plagued by frequent extreme cold temperature warnings, urban heated winter jackets could be a life-saver. Hacket's new generation of winter wear is designed to do just that, while also maintaining a presentable and stylish appearance with borrowed design elements from the Beijing Opera. Utilizing a waterproof outer shell of high-quality DuPont cotton, heat-reflecting inner lining and a 3D spiral structure fiber silhouettes, the heated winter jacket's main appeal is its hardware technology.

The Outwarmer offers two temperature zones, hot and warm, which are localized in the middle of the back and just above the front pockets. Based on client feedback, Hacket has adapted its heated winter jackets to have a universal USB interface and rechargeable power banks.