Vaillant's Outdoor Cinema Experience Features Heated Bean Bag Chairs

To promote its brand during the cold winter months, Vaillant boiler systems has created an enormous outdoor cinema experience in Manchester, complete with heated bean bag chairs. The event helps to bring a little bit of warmth and comfort to what is often thought of as the coolest and gloomiest time of year.

For what it has dubbed 'Warmth Week 2017,' Vaillant has begun hosting a series of free movie nights in the heart of Manchester Piccadilly Gardens. Starting on Blue Monday and continuing until January 20th, guests will be able to snuggle up for a heart-warming film such as Toy Story, Inside Out or Back To The Future. The main draw for those attending the screenings is Vaillant's record-breaking "world's biggest heated bean bag" chair, which helps to keep families feeling warm and cozy while they watch their favorite film.

The experiential event ultimately helps the boiler systems brand convey its message of helping to create warmth and joy within the home.