Tobias Wong's Ballistic Rose Protects Your Heart From Uncertainty

 - Apr 21, 2009
References: citizen-citizen & cakeheadlovesevil
At first glance, this corsage from Tobias Wongs looks like any other, but it’s not. This is, in fact, a Ballistic Rose, a traditionally made corsage crafted from a single strip of ballistic nylon.

The concept is that this special rose "protects your heart in an uncertain world." Just fabulous.

"Military Uniform fashion history is a long one, and the appropriation of uniform styles and even patterns is prominent in descenting subculture and youth fashion," Citizen-Citizen says of the MoMa-sold flower.

"With the rose we see today’s current materials of Kevlar and technical ballistic fabrics enter this adoption and adaptation seems to be in part a way of normalizing the growth and ubiquity of such in a country with very little gun control."

This is a classic twisted idea, classic Cowbag fodder!